When Researching MLM, How Do You Know Who To Take Advice From?

To the right are several links to help you research MLM (Multi Level Marketing). But before you begin your research, take a moment to answer the question, “Who should you take advice from?”

There are three types of authors of content: Those who have never done it, those who have done it and failed, and those who have done it and succeeded. Note: My use of the word author includes both written and spoken communication.

What is MLM1. Authors who have never done what they’re writing (or talking) about.

Newspaper, magazine and television writers and reporters rarely have done what they’re writing or talking about – their information comes from hearsay and as an “outsider looking in.” Many attorneys and professors often give advice on subjects they’ve never done. The majority of the books at the book store are from authors who have never done what they’re writing about. They can write (or speak) about it, but have not succeeded at doing it.

Their advice is rarely sound because it’s based on invention, another person’s opinion, or hearsay. This problem is compounded when an author simply repeats something they heard from the media. Now there are two layers of people who can’t do what it is they are writing about, but think they know something about it. Authors who have never done what it is they are writing about, or who have never succeeded at it, cannot possibly place the correct importance on the subject! You can always identify authors who have never done it because their content is slightly off the main subject.

As an example, I read a web article claiming that MLM (Multi Level Marketing) success was mathematically impossible. Huh? That’s like claiming that it is scientifically impossible for a bumblebee to fly. Has it ever occurred to that author to just LOOK? The oldest MLM company is still growing!

2. Authors who have failed at what they’re writing (or talking) about.

When someone has failed at what they write or talk about, it is common for them to be critical of (inclined to find fault with) the subject and those who do it. Why? Because something about the subject is a complete mystery to them and they feel inadequate. They obviously couldn’t figure out some part of it -otherwise they wouldn’t have failed!

Take, for example, a person who wanted to be a real estate investor but failed at it. He will project his negative experience onto whatever he writes or says about the business. He’ll typically write about “what’s hard,” “wrong,” or “dangerous” about real estate. Why? Because he never figured it out and someone who succeeds at it proves his inadequacy on the subject of real estate. His worse nightmare is people succeeding at real estate investing. His negativity may focus on the aspect of real estate investing that caused him to fail; but more than likely he doesn’t know why he failed, so he tries to make EVERYTHING about real estate wrong – including anyone who does real estate. This can be extremely broad – a person who has failed at playing football can try to prevent their children from playing ANY sport.

Warning: on every subject there are more people that fail at it than people who succeed, so you may find much more negative information about your subject than positive information.

Do not take advice from authors who have failed at what they write (or talk)about – they are resentful and do not want you to succeed where they failed. Others’ success only proves their inadequacy. They may claim that they “only want to protect you,” but in reality, they only want to protect themselves from a sense of failure by preventing you from trying and succeeding.

3. Authors who have succeeded at what they write (or talk) about.

If an author has succeeded at what they are writing (or talking) about, they are a valuable asset to you and their advice is worthwhile. They know what is important and what is not important about the subject.

Please note that there is a vast difference between someone who has been successful at their subject and someone who has merely been “educated” about it.

Just because a person has studied a subject, doesn’t mean they can do it. A beautician can study all about hair – that doesn’t mean she can cut hair to her client’s satisfaction. A psychiatrist may have been able to listen to her teachers and may have been able to read the required text books and may have even been able to pass a state board examination on the subject – but can she fix another person’s problems? If she can’t, don’t take her advice! A student who has been educated on a subject has only proven that she can be a student successfully. She has not proven she can do the subject.

The person you should accept advice from on a subject you’re researching is the person who has gotten the results you desire. If you want to fail, take advice from someone who has failed; if you want to succeed, take the advice of those who have been successful.

The author of First Class MLM (this web site) has been and is successful in MLM. You can read more about the author here.

This web site is neutral. No one here is trying to bring you into an MLM (Multi Level Marketing) business; therefore, we’re not going to pretend everything in MLM is perfect. Nor do we have an axe to grind about the MLM industry. This site exists to help you evaluate the MLM business by giving you the facts about (MLM) Multi-Level Marketing – then you can make an educated decision about participating in MLM.

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Tim Sales

About the Author

Tim Sales

Tim’s experience in building his own downline of 56,000 network marketers helped him develop his signature training series. A public relations ambassador for the network marketing industry, Tim has also dedicated his time to debunking the false information spread about the network marketing industry.

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Very well put!

John B.

Tim, Great article. In the past I have taken advice from well meaning people. I thought the advice was in my best interest, but looking back on the situations the people were from group 1 and 2 above. I have also had guidance from the 3rd group. I value this advice the most. I like your motto and have adopted it as my own, ” Make people’s lives better”.

Diane Barnes

This is by far the most thought-provoking article I have ever read.

If people would only learn to think for themselves.

Diane Barnes


Great article! Just because someone says they are an expert or that they have researched a subject thoroughly does not mean they have a clue about how to run a business, raise a family, cut hair, build a house, etc… Example: When my sister was single, she would freely give advice on how to raise our kids. Even though she had read every book she could get her hands on about raising kids, some of her advice to us about our kids was laughable. Same goes for family members trying to advise us on how to run or why we should not pursue our network marketing/mlm business. Go figure! Thanks again!

Steve Stearns

Taking the advise of someone who has had success is absolutely the best advise anyone could get. AND that is regardless of the field you are in. Anyone wishing to make a success out of network marketing (MLM) needs to find a way learn from those willing to teach their success. I began having success when I quit thinking I was the expert and became teachable.

Ambrose Ngu

Great article, Tim. I like the way you bring in the failed “real estate investor”. You can make MLM a part of our existing life!


I believe absolutely that M.L.M is indeed a great platform for an average person to build their dreams or their future. What else can an average person in employment do to build their dreams if they do not have the capital, no experience or no expertise ? Working hard and saving hard may not be enough for your retirement or to live comfortably after retirement !

Terri Hamel

Helpful, unbiased commentary… thank you.


Great advise. Thanks

Marci Stedman

Tim, thanks for an excellent site that is neutral and is explained in a clear, simple and professional manner.


Very true! The biggest knockers in any business are those who are looking from the outside, or who have failed.
If I was to get advice about something, I would prefer to go to someone I know has done the work, someone who knows what to do. That’s part of due diligence.

Violeta Esplana

Excellent explanation. Would recommend to others skeptical
about joining MLM

Violeta Esplana

Excellent explanation.

Gren O'Hagan

I have been involved in M.L.M for many years,this site is so helpful i would recomend it to anyone who want’s to get the nay sayers out of the way.
Gren O’Hagan
AMWAY Business Owner

Patty Jones, KY

Thanks, the bad vibes out there neen to be changed. If everyone knew what we did they would jump in with both feet.

Dave Gilliland

I agree… My grandfather always said that if you were going to take advise from someone, get your advise from someone who has accomplished something in that venu.

Becca Mutz

Tim, thanks so much for taking time to share your insights. I will pass this along to my team and am sure you will be hearing from them, too! Appreciate ya! Becca


Wow, you are absolutely right, although I consider myself cautious about who is offering me advice, this helps to “catagorize” the information. Thanks

Debbie Wood

Wow, Tim, this is a great article. I particularly like the comments about people who have tried and failed. I know people like that. I will definitely send them here! Thanks for protecting our industry. MLM is the greatest treasure in the world, yet there are so many that bad mouth it. Happy Holidays to you and your family!

Jan Weger

Thanks Tim,
This is right on!

Gail M.

There is a saying I heard somewhere,,People are down on what they are not up on. I certainly would not go to a auto repair shop and ask them to do surgery on my spine.
Same here, go to someone who has gained the ranks and ask them about MLM.

Deanna Zimmerman

Although the question at the top of the page isn’t answered until the bottom of the page, the 1-paragraph answer is amazingly precise.
“The person you should accept advice from on a subject you’re researching is the person who has gotten the results you desire. If you want to fail, take advice from someone who has failed; if you want to succeed, take the advice of those who have been successful.”

Albert Watkins

The perfect message for all individual that new to the industry.

Steven Muzy

Tim, your 3 “types” are so true but we rarely think about it so clearly. My own Dad is a major #1 who can offer advice about anything with vigor and what sounds like true knowledge about the subject. I listtened to him because I absolutely respected him. Now I know why I was confused. Thanks Tim.


As usual, Tim has produced a first class site where people can get first class information about a subject that is filled with misconceptions and outright falsehoods. MLM is the best concept ever to hit the market. It is a Plan that allows everyone to succeed beyond their wildest dreams. You don’t have to be a physician (as I am) or have any other fancy degrees. All you need is Faith, Belief,Desire and Passion and the willingness to do the work and NEVER QUIT.

Larry F.

Great! Much needed info about an industry that has made such a positive impact in so many lives, including mine. I love MLM. I spent 30 years in the insurance industry and made it to the top. Then I found MLM. From negative to positive. Wow. What a great change.


I agree that it is best to listen to someone who is successful already in what you are trying to accomplish!
Thankyou for offering this site.Aloha Chandra

Melchor Hernandez

a good lesson for many critics, istead to try to destroy mlm , some people should learn to help people, to make their lives better as Tim does. Thanks.God bless you all. Melchor Hernandez

Janice Gibson

Thank you for encouraging prospects to think and use common sense when making a decision about network marketing. I believe that when one ask the right questions from the right sources, they receive the right answers and can make an intelligent decision and not simply an emotional one.

Thomas Lee

Thanks Tim,
I have read all of the articles and find them to be very informative. Anyone getting started in the work force should read them. This should be required reading in our school system. Thanks again

Don Schnack

Dynamite info. At 81 I have learned along the way tht the most powerful lock, one possesses is the one most people put on their brain, closed and locked like a parachute without a rip cord. Thank you Tim, & Happy New Year to you.
Don Schnack


What a simple yet logical concept. Too many think that since it’s so simple, it cannot be true. The thing to remember–look for those who have succeeded in what they are involved in, and learn from them.

Lou TN

I think there is another class of advisers. Those who sit around and shoot down everyone elses dreams because they don’t have the guts to do something themselves.

We are surrounded by them in the workforce and yet they the ones who usually discourage us from taking a bold step upward. Tim is right look for advice from those who have succeeded in your business, not the failures. You are going to make mistakes regardless. My favorite quote is ” Show me someone who has never failed and I will show you a Failure”

Lou Noble

Alain from France

Hi Tim, this is great, I love it !!!!! Bravo !

Pamela from Canada

Tim, you are awesome! great articles! why would anyone listen or take advice from someone who has failed. The only way to be successful in anything you do is to follow those who have successfully done what you want to do. When I started to look for a mentor and then found one who was very successful in MLM, I listened and learned and achieved success. Keep up the good work for our wonderful industry.

Chris Medley (Ontario)

Great article Tim, right on the money! It is so hard to get this kind of valuable information on the internet because everyone is a self proclaimed expert. Thank you for creating this great site.
“The world cares very little about what a man or woman knows; it is what a man or woman is able to do that counts.”
~ Booker T. Washington ~
Keep up the great work Tim!
Chris Medley


I loved your Brilliant Compensation DVD and this website is a great add on. Will be passing it on to everyone who is willing to have an open mind. You truly are an inspiration not only in what you say but in what you do. Thank you so much.

Steve Durfee

Network Marketing is a commission and marketing system, plain and simple. “The best investment I ever made.” – Warren Buffet after buying a direct sales business.
Networking for 30 years and loving every day!
Steve Durfee

Celia Haskell

Tim, This is so awesome to equip us with the nuts and bolts of how to be professional at what we do. The explanation of the industry is so desperately needed and I am thankful to have found your site!

Carol Smith

I find the fastest talkers usually spew a lot of hot air. The proof is not in how the tree looks, its in what fruit is actually produced. Thank you Tim!


Tim, I appreciate your common sense and logical approach to MLM. Thank you for taking the time to organize your thoughts and publishing them for all to read. Sidney

Bill Irwin

Very thought-provoking article Tim. It is so obvious that you have a passion for the MLM industry and helping people to succeed in it. I will support your efforts to educate people on the industry so that they can make informed decisions based on real facts, and not just hype or propoganda from those who have failed. The failures try to protect their ego instead of helping people to improve the quality of their life.

You are one of the best resources this industry has. Keep up the good work.


Thank you Tim! I think this information is SOOO valuable, since its having to do not only with MLM, but with life generally. In life, it is somewhat difficult to decide from who to take advice from, and your article has really organized it in our minds.
Thank you!

Janet Rose Marie

Appreciate the question. .who do we listen to and what is their expertise.
A valuable pattern of communication awareness to live by.


Great Article Tim! Shouldn’t we all be taking advice from the people who have been successful! When looking for a mentor in any business, why would you listen to those who failed vs. those who have had tremendous success!


Good information. I am always surprise how easy some people will put down an industry with only hearsay. Somehow it must make them seem smart to themselve, but not to me.

Janice, NM

Thanks so much for your article. You make it easy for people to understand.

Oscar G

Tim – Thanks for the clarity of the article. Our society seems to create loads of Group 1 egomaniacs. As to Group 2, as long as MLM exists there will be individuals who cannot do it (for a variety of reasons). We need to encourage those who are not skilled at using THE INVITING FORMULA to STOP trying to train others. All they are doing is perpetuating a chain of disappointed people who will say MLM does not work.
I wish there was a directory of people in Group 3 to contact. By the way, are ALL people in Group 3 good trainers also?

Doyce Hughes

Tim, I loved the article. I feel that this is right on target. I am researching MLM in order to be successful at a business that my wife and I recently signed up in. We definitely want to take advice from people that are successful.

Lisa Schuyler

Tim, you are right on the button. It is so important to think about the source of the information one is getting. So many people just believe anything they hear without question. Thank you for identifying the issue so clearly.


The article really hits the nail on the head, when talking about people studying a subject vs one who actually does it!
Will definitely refer this site to people to help them better understand MLM!

Dr Barry H

Excellent article. Should help those that want to understand how to be objective in their research.


Almost too obvious… You wouldn’t take flying lessons from anyone other than a pilot!

Donnie D.

In the short time I have been in this business,I am amazed how many people can’t tell you what a pyrimid scheme is. All they know is what someone has said it was,or they look at a organizational chart that is in the shape of of one. Thanks for the fair and informative report!!

Jimmy Cook

“Wealth exposes itself to those patient enough to train others.”
Does that mean that one need be an expert from the getgo?
Access to people that know more than you or I is far more important than you or I being a know it all. That access is provided here.
If you don’t know the answer to a question, be honest and admit it. find the person that is qualified to answer. That’s why TRAINING IS SOOO IMPORTANT!

Oh, honesty too. “Always tell the truth. That way you won’t have to remember anything.” Mark Twain

And at my age? That’s good for me!

Joseph Quinn

I very much agree with your idea of not taking the advice from people who have not done or have not succeeded in a particular venture, wether it is MLM or anything else. I would like to add, that much of the negative advise I have received was well intended. I would not be living in the house I am today if I had taken advise from people who told me that buying Real Estate with “No money down” was impossible. I’m glad that I took Robert Allen’s seminar against their advise, and then bought my house!


People giving negative opinions are the ones that didn’t go the extra mile because they were too chicken to do so, very well explained Tim.. Thank you !

Bruno Cyr

Great article and website, that’s what the industry need !


well put! It seems obvious that you don’t want to take advice rom someone who’s failed at something. However, they say common sense isn’t so common.

Sue AB

What a relief to see some common sense talk on an industry that is truly coming of age. It never ceases to amaze me who people will listen to for advice. I would never go to the dentist to fix my car, nor would I take business advice from someone who couldn’t “cut it” in the industry – common sense is not all that common – thanks for this site!


Powerful article.


Enjoyed the article, very informitive.

Donna Valdes

Excellent info, as usual! Thank you Tim for continued POSITIVE support of this industry. I’ll take YOUR advice anytime.

You are first class.
Your friend,
Donna Valdes

Retha from South Africa

Tim, as usual you’re the best. No excuse to not understand this easy put article.

Patrick Judge

Great Article…thats why I only listen to successful people, if I was to listen to other people who tell me why my ideas will never work I would never make a penny,,,mlm offers hope to people…its a people industry…and has made many friends for people and hope many new people see this article and are inspired and lead them to success

Best wishes Patrick Judge, Dublin Ireland

Joseph Parton

Tim, this is a good article.

It is important to follow those who have not only
BEEN successful but ARE successful NOW in their industry.

If you are away from building a business too long, I think
that you lose touch with what really works.

Do you currently build a MLM yourself? Your article
says that you are successful in it today. That is good.
I was just wondering what company you are affiliated with.

There are many “trainers” out there who are making a lot
of money training, but are not actively building.

To Success,

Joseph Parton


Great information and I am in total agreement, the postive side of MLM needs to be exposed.

Tom Doiron


There are walkers, talkers, aad balkers in this life. Among the walkers, you have always stood the tallest in my mind.

Thank you for all that you do for our profession and may your humility stay with you until the end of your walk.


Tom Doiron

Odell Anderson

Great start. The main point of this article is embodied in something one of my favorite recording artists said in one of his songs- “If you don’t know the history of the author, you don’t know what you’re reading.”

PJ Hollingsworth

I teach middle school students during the day. What you have said here is applicable to any endeavour. What you have said would also be a good lesson plan on “discernment”. My students tend to believe everything they read, especially if it is on the internet. Thank you for the insights.

Ann - Minnesota

Tim, you are so right! Thank you for your honest and concise explanation. It’s time for people to open their minds and see how healthy, fair and lucrative a MLM career can be. It’s the best!

Kelly S.

Great information. Great facts for the skeptic.

Don Lipscomb

Very true Tim. People that fail at something are the first to blame others, and not themselves. MLM is the only way for most of us to ever get anywhere in life. You can start with very litte money and use “sweat equity” to build your very own business. Its not easy, but then nothing good ever is easy. You actually have to WORK to make it.

Rex Ioane

Hey Tim,
Just wanted to say that for the last 6 months that i have been studying your techniques i have seen a real big change in my team and also in myself.
When i first started my business (Oct 2006) i was taught by my upline not to waste my time on people in my downline who are not working the business, and also to find new people who are willing to work the business. i use to think that, how can you bring a person into a business and then give up on them just like that.
After 6 months of practising one of your methods where you say that we must have patients with our downline, put them through the test to see where they are stuck at and help them overcome this hurdle. Tim, i just want to say thankyou for a good year. for the past six months i have known you to be genuinely out there for the benefit of helping people like myself who are new to this industry.Tim we need more mlm trainers/coaches who are like yourself,has the sole purpose of educating people about this industry where true wealth and freedom lay, considering one has the right company, the right mindset and the right training!

Pavel from Panama

Outstanding. I would love to work a transalation in spanish. I will post the link as soon as I`m done. Of course, that all copyrights go to the original owner, as well as links directing it to the english version to aknowledge the source material. I salute you on behalf of Panama´s Network Companies… Thank you very much for all you have done for the industry. Thx Tim.

Dee (Aotearoa/NZ)

I’ve always valued your no-nonsense, no-hype approach to MLM. This is yet another excellent resource, Tim, so thanks!

Tony Reese

Great article. This is a source of information that a lot of us has been wishing for. I’m glad that you make a point that it’s important to listen to those who have been and still are successful in MLM. It’s important to still be in touch with the industry. God Bless you and thanks for taking the time to answer questions that many people have about MLM.

Warm regards,

Tony Reese

Sheri Johnson

This is something I tell people all of the time, you must consider the source of any information. Sometimes the writer has an agenda and that is not always revealed openly.


Thanks Tim, this is the best advice to pass on!

Sandy Koshari

Well said…look at the source of what has been said. What do you want to hear? Is your mind open to hearing positive information? Take the time to do your due diligence, and always, consider the source.

Francis Arvin

Thanks Tim! More power to MLM! Arvin of the Philippines

Kerry Hein

Excellent, Tim!

Definately First Class stuff too!

I applaud your efforts and have added the link to my Blog.

Insightful, straight shooting, no fluff.


Long live Network Marketing!



Good advice Tim,
The fact of matter has been forthrightly brought out without any hesitation. Some of my classmates were scared about attempting Mathematics paper of engineering degree level proffessional examination and were delaying to even attempt. To our luck, one of my friend’s father who succeeded in that particular exam advised us to attempt the exam with proper preperation and assured us that “We can succeed at it like him with right preperation. ” Without any doubt, we followed his advice and succeeded in first attempt itself and fear has gone forever. Unfortunately in life, there are no mentors/guides available for everybody. Getting someone who did it( whatever area of life) and succeeded at it and who is ready to teach the same to someone interested is the challenge now a days. The article clearly explained the type of people around us in all walks of life and advised the course of action to take. Thanks for making me a part of this great MLM Leader’s mission who is enlightening the people about MLM industry.

carol english

This site is excellent… It truly is first class! I will be using this on a consistent basis to help grow my business. Well done Tim!

Larry Wood, Ind.

Good common sense advice Tim. I personally have used a saying for years that I apply to poor/bad advice givers as well as gossipers: Idle minds and loose tongues go together. [Just wish they would find their own hideaway]

Arlene Hutchinson, Ut.

Thanks again Tim for your great insite in explaining a difficult subject. As a teacher for many years I have learned that the best teachers to learn from are the ones that have been successful in DOING what I want to learn. As with MLM,to be successful one has to look at the eagles flying high above enjoying the great pleasures of freedom and not look to the turkeys on the ground groveling in the gravel. Great artical

Valencia Burton

So logical!!!

Merle From Missouri

Thanks for showing us the Truth in a way we can understand.

garry s walang

excellent.. it will greatly improve the MLM perpectives and bring networkers to their peak performance…

Shirley K., California

I enjoy the way you clearly tackle and explain a challenging subject. Thank you, Tim.

Gavin Chapman

If you want to know how to do something, always endeavour to find out from someone who has done it – or who is doing it. Ignore the naysayers.

Brian Clough (NZ)

Excellent article Tim. People who are new to NM or who haven’t had the ‘success’ they’re looking for yet need to remember that they are in the third category not the second. In other words if you haven’t quit yet, you are succeeding and your advice to people to take a look at NM is perfectly valid.

Betsy R

Thank you for creating such an amazing resource! When I started my MLM business “to be in business with one of my best friends,” I had little or no understanding of the industry. “The Industry” was my biggest concern because I was a professional corporate salesperson and I wasn’t sure that this industry was a place for professionals. I read book after book, watched video after video and listened to tape after tape (yes, they were tapes back then.) I had no way to judge whether the author of the material was someone I should listen to or not. I was searching for something to build my confidence and competence so I could approach other professionals. People exploring and/or entering our industry now have a definitive resource that they can trust, that they can learn from and that they can use as they build their businesses. Thank you for your commitment to a First Class MLM Industry. You have my promise that I will support your effort to change the perception of our industry in every way that I can.

Nick Kemper

Who you use as a resource says a lot about what your underlying intention really is. Most us get what we want, we just don’t realize what it is that we really want. The great thing is, its our intention, so we can change it.

Thanks, Tim, for the eye-opening article.

marilyn holm

This article makes so much sense and helps people recognize the truth as they read. Thank you for stating the obvious, because the obvious really has gotten buried under a lot of hype. We’re all tired of hype. Hurray for truth!!!

Miriam Waaka

Excellent article. thanks

Sister B.

This is very true, it cannot be explained better than this. Also very educational in other areas of our lives. Thanks very much Tim for your powerful articles. Lets all share with more people so that more and more people are educated about MLM.

Marion LaPierre

My commitment in 2008 is to take my network marketing business seriously. What better time to build a business with the financial uncertainties of the times evidenced in so many lives. Many thanks for all your work in helping to educate the public with the facts about the benefits of MLM. A special Thank You for reminding all of us to “Make People Lifes Better” the foundation from where we build our business.

Christina Thompson

Hi Tim,
How long have I been reading your newsletters?
Promoting your training to new associates.
For a few years and I appreciate your value focused training. I continue to promote you.

Thank you from Arizona


I liked the different observations and ofcaurse the last paragragh that simply invites everyone to study the subject

Timothy Allenbach

This article sums up what I tell anybody who asks me how I was able to do so well so fast. I always tell them if you want to be successful you must do what the successful people in your industry have done. Not listen to people who have failed or never none what you want to do. Their agenda is not equal to ours.

Thank you for the reminders of these Truths,


Erika Hilliard-Germany

We are so thankful for this information. Truly what “First Class”! Thank you!

Tom Fahey

It is true the critics are the ones who failed or too afraid to try. They believed MLM is get rich quick scheme. Anything worth having is worth working for. They are no free rides in life.


Great article….so many people assume that the writer is presenting their article with hard core facts. Not always the case and I am glad you have spelled it out.

Sharon Nani

Thank you for caring so much and for your willingness to share so freely of your wisdom and experience. What MLM has to offer the world is so important; we need tools like this which will help us to move past people’s misunderstanding and misconceptions.

Bill Bentley

To those who think MLM does not work for the little man, just think what a great opportunity MLM presents for anyone
to achieve financial independence. Having your own business puts you in charge of your being successful. No one
else affects the outcome. You have complete control of your future and have the great opportunity to help others who share the same desire to have control in their lives.
The other great thing is that you are not just by your self!
Those you introduced you to MLM want you to succeed and are
great coaches and teahers, if you are coachable and willing to learn. What a great opportunity!


Thanks for the truth, I always appreciate that.

Suzy Hayden

Great article Tim. But one thing is missing as far as I am concerned. In #3 you state we should seek advice fron those that have done the required things and demonstrated they can educate. But in this industry there are alot of people that seemingly have been successful ( have the money to “prove” they know what they are talking about) BUT they have built their businesses with attitudes and techniques that are not easily taught or learned. In other words, they have done it BUT they can not train it. Example, a top sales person can “sell” a distributor kit easily, can recruite easily but unless he recruites another top sales person to do the same the organization has more going out than succeeding.. (moving forward and new people becoming top producers). How do we know the difference when we are evaluating a person to learn from OR to join with in a business? There are alot of trainers and business builders that will say, “Follow me (join me) I have done it and they have the attitude that “What do you know? I am the big guru.” We believe them, join them, and then find out… I can’t do what they are doing, I do not understand what they are doing etc. Help!”

Trish Terry

My MLM birthday is October 31, 1989 and I have never looked back or second-guessed my decision. Now, with the help of First Class MLM, everyone can feel as confident of their decision to join a first-class MLM and celebrate their MLM birthdays happily, forever and ever. The beginning!

Tim, thank you for believing in me and helping to make my “party” successful and first-class.


J Brad

Hey Tim –

This article speaks the truth and will bless many people. Thanks for putting together this website. Your efforts to foster our community do not go unappreciated. “One person with a cause can conquer and army. An army with a cause can conquer the world” – JBB 🙂


When you explain it, it seems so basic. But it’s not simple because we are taught to from a very young age to believe what we read in newspapers and magazines; and in school we’re taught by those who may have knowledge, but rarely have experience.

As a result of that early conditioning, most of us don’t even realize that what we believe may not be true at all.

Thanks for shining the light of truth.

Ela Webber, NC

Great article, Tim! I was always taught to evaluate someone by his/her actions and results, not by words. Your defenitions of each type of writers explaine this concept even more clear. I will recomend this website to all my business partners, especially a new one.
With a lot of respect,


Well put Tim. I have found everything you have said to be true. Yes, there are those who know nothing about MLM, but are quite content to continue giving MLM a bad rap, and there are those who have failed within MLM (for whateveer reason that may be, perhaps it is that they were not following the system or maybe they were ignoring the abundance of help and training that is available)- and you guessed it, still continue to give MLM a bad rap.I have experienced all of these factors, and now am able to see MLM almost as a franchise system that I have brought with a very low start up cost. As a single mother, that is very desirable, and to date has been my most rewarding and sensible investment yet. With ever increasing price rises and inflation, there is no way I could not afford not to do this. I am now ignoring those that have never done MLM, along with those that have tried and failed, and YES am holding on to the coat tails of those that have success, within MLM. Would you go to a dentist if you needed heart surgery? I think not. Then it goes without say, find someone that is successful and let them coach you along. It will be worth your weight in Gold.


Thank you, Tim, for speaking to the other side. I think many people shy, as I once did, from “believing” in MLM’s because we are convinced that being a social activist, a do-gooder, etc., cannot coincide with making money. The good fight is not supposed to earn an income. And yet the MLM model itself, when structured well, is about change for the better on a hundred different levels at once. A good product, a good company, a good representative has the capacity to shift our paradigm for doing business, and for creating an economy that serves (rather than bleeds) individuals and their communities. I appreciate your focus and drive. I thank you for your passion and commitment.


My mentor has taught me “if you want to be succesful, hang out with successful people, listen and learn, grow and change.” That advice is working for me in MLM, as in every other field, and MLM is working for me!

naftali & Gefen

the article is interesting, we don’t neccesarily think you have to do something in order to write about it – The importance of it is being objective !

Carlos Cabrera

Wow! you are absolutely right. It’s simply the best article! Thank you.
Greetings from Peru!

David Reid, Ky.

Tim, well written article. Thanks for so graciously sharing your expertise and insight with so many folks desperate for the truth about this great industry. Too many people have been hit with the “get rich quick” deals and have not done their due diligence. Once they realize there are many very credible home based businesses they can join ,they will get a different perception about MLM and the solid residual income that can give them time and financial freedom.
It takes dreams, desire,determination and ACTION..but it’s worth the effort,,,many,many times over. Where else can people benefit in so many wonderful and fulfilling ways by helping others to enrich their lives. Thanks again and thanks for your service to our great country while serving in the United States Navy.


I appreciate your honesty and enthusiasm for thisMLM industry. i am new to MLM but I feel safe learning from people like you.
Thank you.

Chuck P., Florida

You are wise beyond your years my friend. There’s an old saying that says “those who can — DO. And, those who can’t — TEACH” (or in this example they write) Thanks for standing tall in the name of “accuracy”

Carolyn Cahors

If only people utlized this simple concept – look to people who have done what we are trying to do….great article

Diane - IA

I appreciated the truths revealed in your article regarding who we accept knowledge from.

Kimmo from Finland

Excellent article, you are so right.


Very true! It seems like common sense to me and good to be reminded of.

Richard Jones, ghana

I totally agree with you Tim,cos I could see how common people are able to surround themselves with such influencial people which eventually produce tremendous results.In africa MLM is changing peoples life including me gradually.thanks

Attila Hevesy,Tampa Florida

Your points were Right On!! This article makes sense to anyone with commom sense. Unfortunately, Common sense and common courtesy are not too common anymore!

Phyllis J. Ellena

There is a plethora of books by people who have book learning about MLM. To learn the real story, it is best to read a book or listen to a CD by someone such as Tim Sales or Dennis Whatley.

Anne DV

I was totally against MLM due to a bad experience with the approach of a MLM marketer. However, I have learned so much more about this type of business and now see the benefits. Thank you for writing about who to trust. This is a valuable first step.

Rolf Hefti

Your perspective on “who to take advice from” is surely something to strongly keep in mind when evaluating this business -or just about anything else for that matter. Very insightful!

Kevin Clark

Once again Tim, you have hit the nail on the head!

Lynn Rothfuss


Thank you for this wonderful, insightful, straight forward article!
Finally someone who tells it like it is!

I can’t wait to read your other articles.

When John Milton Fog spoke on Pat Crosby Leadership Hour this past Sunday night, John was correct when he told us to look you up on your web site and read material written by you.

Pat Crosby who like you, trains and mentors others bringing out the highest good in the network marketing industry through writing, education and teleseminars.

Lynn Rothfuss

Stella J

What an excellent explanation of the MLM Industry. Thank you, thank you!!
Tim Sales, you are the best!!!

Mun Wai

Seems so obvious when you hear it from Tim. It’s like would you go see a dentist or your mechanic when you have a toothache. I don’t know about you … but I would definitely see a dentist, no matter how much my mechanic might have read about dentistry!!

Adam Wenzel

Well said! Straight forward advice on who to take it from that’s useful in every aspect of life. Thanks for laying it out Tim.

Dennis B

Thanks Tim, there are too many sceptics out there that do not and will not understand the power of MLM. This will go some way to enlighten them.

Leo Rasberry

Tim your advise is sound and very well put.

David Roy

Thanks Tim,

A great site for people to educate themselves. The biggest advice I ever got was, “Stop listening to broke people” and that changed my life forever. This resource page is invaluable!

Bill Miner

Tim, thanks for proudly using the term “MLM”, and not trying to hide behind one of the many other fancy labels for the industry that many people have concocted over the years for whatever reason. All of us who practice this great form of free enterprise need to stand tall and be proud of MLM, and do our best to share it with others. Thanks for all you do!

Grady Adams

Without a doubt, this article (and the others in this series) are exactly the kind of information about our industry that needs to be made available to all who are considering MLM. I am now retired (after 36 years) as a public school teacher/administrator. The points made here should be required reading for all students from grades
9-12. I am so glad I found your information, Tim. I am now in my 2nd year in MLM & not once has my upline shared a
tenth of the information with me that you give us in Professional Inviter, Brilliant Compensation, and First Class MLM. I give every person who joins our team this information as soon as they join. It is wonderful to see how quickly they find success using the material you are making available. Thanks!


Excellent article. Clear and comprehensive! My 4 years of experience in network marketing, which has been very positive, echoes the author’s remarks. It’s about time such articulate study is being offered in regards to this industry. My heartfelt thanks for this article AND this site!!


Thanks Tim, a great and much needed site. After being a self employed professional since 1993 I am happy to have found the most ethical and caring group of people in my new networking business. It’s not easy and it’s challenging personally, which i’m sure is why many drop out early on. I too have been scared off in the past by voracious networkers touting companies that do not exist anymore. The biggest thing now is getting my head around just how good and solid this actually is now!

Tara Fogarty - MI

The article “How Do You Know Who To Take Advice From” when researching MLM is right on. People should follow this when taking advice from others in all aspects of their lives.

peter danso apau

very intriguing


just love your ideas and facts.thanks.


What a breath of fresh air! Thank you for a most needed site. Some day soon I will be teaching this to my kids and all teenages & students. Keeping informed lets you make better decisions. Keep up the good work and thanks for the site.

Dominic Donkor

It’s a nice article i pray that God should give you more wisdom knowledge ideas buy.

Jimmy Song


Wow, this is a great resource that you have provided for everybody in the whole industry. Sometimes I’m amused by this: When some adults guide their kids to studying at school, they keep saying to learn from straight A students and keep away from the F students. However, when they researched network marketing, they in turn were impacted from people of group 1 AND group 2 dramatically. Obviously they didn’t realize that THEY should also take advice from the “straight A students” just like they taught their kids.


So many deceivers out there, but I trust you. MLM has been around for awhile and it would have been dead by now if it’s not a legitimate way of doing business. My concern is how do you stop working once you get involved in an MLM business? It seems you can help build your downline’s downlines forever, even after you’ve built your own to the max commissions the company is willing to pay. There’s never an end to helping others, especially since they’ve helped you get where you are.

Brad Bylsma

Thanks for a very well done information site. You must have worked at it because it shows in the depth of content.
This article is a good example of how this is a business like all others in that you can not fake success and expertise. (Even though many try to). A great short-cut for me has been to find the source of information that the majority are copying and learn from the original.
That’s why I’m here.
Thanks again.


Such a simple yet logical concept. Too many think that since it’s so simple, it cannot be true. The thing to remember – seek out those who have succeeded in what they are involved in, and learn from them. With commitment, dedication, and tenacity, this business makes available even the ‘little guy’ a chance for success! Thanks for posting this.

Leslie R.

Very logical analysis of the issue. It only stands to reason to seek out those who have succeeded in order make an informed choice. Hearsay in any area makes for confused decisions. Thanks, Tim for posting this valuable analysis.


Good Morning
How are you ?
Thanks Tim, a great and much needed site.This is a very well done information site. My brother named MR. Navjot Singh meet/hear you in Dubai Training Camp. I hope i also attend yours session as soon as possible.

God Bless You



I am writing this as I am listening to becoming a Great Presenter. I was a good presenter for 25 years and was able to close business people within the presentation. I have had 7 heart attacks and a stroke and I am trying to get back to becoming a good presenter again and I feel confident as I listen to you that by continuing and practicing that I will get back to that status. Just to let people know be patient with yourself as you present you will improve so persist and you will win! Great call, thank you Tim…God Bless You! By the way you will never become bored if you strive to acheive excellence in every aspect of presenting perfectly.

Mel F

That advise is some of the best.

From whom should you take advice?

Shamsuddin A.Noorani

Good Morning

Hello Dear Tim

First of all my deepest GOOD WISHES to you for making/telling people EVERYTHING THEY SHOULD KNOW ABOUT MLM.

I was being told by my friend to join MLMU and get the training online, but after seeing your page I think I have got all that I wanted but yet its just the begining.

I would really appreciate if you could tell me how to get audio/video cd’s and training material if you have got anything with you.

Please do let me know at my mail as soon as possible.

Best regards

GOD bless you and your loved ones

Shamsuddin A.Norani

Bruno Brunoski

Thankyou Tim you are a person who speaks from the heart.
and i have been on the call everytime it is posted and so much great valuable advice from the heart.i can feel what you say.
experienced helpful and friendly.100% brilliant effective true and precise.thankyou for being real.regards bruno-uk

Helen S

Thank you for a very perceptive article that applies to many other things besides just MLM! I appreciate your “plain old good sense” in approaching subjects from such a logical direction.

Terri c

I have worked for AT&T for 33 years, this is the stuff that AT&T invented, I guess a multiBillion dollar company must be wrong if all of the negative press regarding MLM is true. Tim you have hit the nail on the head.

MJ from Michigan

Anyone who has raised children knows that parents who have successfully raised their own children are the best place to go for advice on child rearing. In MLM it only makes sense to do the same, to solicit advice, to take direction and to be inspired by those who’ve made the cut.

Peggy Piper

Tim, … I just found your website through, Bev, my upline. You are one of the few author’s who genuinely offers information to help—instead of offering information to peek one’s interest to buy products. Thank you for your honest-straightforward approach to MLM. Since I have a technical background I look for information presented in a logical manner. Your information is clear, concise and thorough.

I read anti-MLM authors’ articles and compared what each said about MLM. Tim, you are right. Their articles are negative—very negative. I wonder did they really become successful in MLM? Or did they just become successful selling their own products? In order to receive their free information, the author required my contact info (email address, telephone number). Yes, I even received a telephone call from the UK (I’m from the USA). I am tried of being bothered by their product advertisements disguised as newsletters. Basically, I found these authors offered generalized information. However, in order to benefit from their methods, one had to buy their product. Thank you. … Peg

Oscar Galvan

I’m really glad I found this web site. You provide so much value without expecting anything in return. For those experienced business people, you know how important that is in business. I commend you for what you have done.

Sheri Johnson

You just validated something I was telling someone else the other day. You always have to consider the source of any information. As I read this I had a huge “ah ha” moment.

Wes G

Good foundation establishing how to consider any business opportunity not just MLM. Thank you for putting this website together.


Thank you so much for what you do for this incredible industry. I look forward to meeting you someday. This was another great tool for those who are experienced, or new to the industry. So many “EXPERTS” out there that unfortunately steal dreams from those who don’t “KNOW” better. Many of my friends and family have allowed the “WRONG” person to give them directions. Before going into this industry full time, I used to be a high school football coach…Now I am building people through network marketing…and I have never been happier…I believe this article will help hundreds of thousands decide to seek the RIGHT advice…I would never take directions from someone who has never been where I want to go. Thanks again


Dimi Dimas

I agree. Again if someone is willing to take a persons negative advice, without trying it out for themselves, then they were not looking for an opportunity rather setting themselves up for failure. They have other issues within themselves to sort out first!


Dear Tim:

I could not agree more with you. You are really a teacher and a mentor to follow for us, the ones out there in the trenches.

Now that I am able to distinguish better the three types of author I am beginning to understand why there is so much noise out there; in the news, people talking, opinions, etc. This topic has given me a true value to listening the right advise or to look deeper and find myself the root of the information i am looking for.

Excellent and brilliantly written article and most of all, very logical.




I admire the way you motivate people about MLM companies,without this motivations,people could join and then give it up.MLM needs alot of effort,determination and persistance to succeed and without this,people will never make it in MLM companies.


This website is worth millions of dollars to any distributor, and it’s free! If there ever was an Oscar Award in Network Marketing, Tim Sales should get it, and also get one for Lifetime Achievement! Period!

Karl Melnechuk

Dear Tim,
I agree, You are a certainly a positive mentor and a creditable source of information. I have purchased your dvd’s and look forward to purchasing your video’s and other materials. I thank you for putting this together.

Paul Beamon

Hi Tim,
I just wanted to thankyou for the great service you are doing for the MLM industry. I’ve adopted you, like many others have, as my MLM mentor.


I agree to anonymous, TIM SALES should be given an OSCAR AWARD for networkers


Hi Tim,
Thanks for your insight and a great article. For years I’ve been looking for a good mlm website, but today a stumbling upon this one and Troy Rocaverts in the same day. I’m glad i jumped on the net today you guys are awesome thanks again.


Tim you are a MASTER communicator and an IMMESURABLE asset to the network marketing industry!…..PLEASE keep on developing content that will help us CLEAN UP the false perceptions and preconcieved ideas about this life changing industry. One generation is all it will take, and I thank you for your vision, work ethic and God given teaching ability to help the “nay-sayers” come to a place of revelation on the TRUTH and VALIDITY of the purest form of free enterprise in the history of Business – network Marketing. – God Bless!


Kurt Gross

Good article and good spirit about it, too.

I think education is good for the industry to help the newbies realize the difference in real business vs. short-cut promises to wealth.



A great job has been done here, I hope to utilise this knowledge in my own MLM too.


Oh dear Tim A BIG THANK YOU ! I read/heard your articles. I already got too many sensible advice. But I have to read again and again and to listen carefully, IT IS JUST LIKE EVEN MORE THAN MUSIC.

Joshua Heffern

Tim, I’ve told you this before on the phone and I want to write it here for others to know…

You are doing such wonderful things to educate not only the MLM industry, including the heads of companies, but also the general public, so that the truth about doing “networking” as a real professional become the standard, not just the exception.

Whenever systems are invented that change the name of the game, (as MLM has changed the world for many) there are problems and kinks that need to be worked out…

you my friend are the most articulate and helpful trainer in the MLM industry as well as in my opinion, in any industry right now. Thank you so much for caring about the “how to” and not just the “why”!


Tim I really really appreciate all that you do.Thank you

Kjetil Dreyer

Tim is a good friend of mine and a person with high integrity. After several hours alone with Tim during our last Event with him in Norway I god to know Tim even better and I am personally amazed about this guy. His knowledge in MLM, Communication and personal relations are FIRST CLASS. Tim also help a lot of people in many areas in their life, not only MLM. That makes Tim THE most powerful person in the MLM industry; that is at least my view on what he does and the person he is as a ambassador.

Keep up the good work Tim

With best regards
Kjetil Dreyer


Hi Tim,
As always you are right. Very informative and helpful article. Finding your site is one of the best things that happened in my MLM business. Thank you for doing this much for the industry. You are such a blesssing to MLM in general. You, Randy Gage, Kim Klaver and Ann Sieg are my mentors, for your honest, no nonsense talk. Please continue helping the millions in our industry. God bless you and your family.

Raissa from the Philippines

Joseph Ting

I like your site that totally explained the whole Network Marketing industry in the correct way. You are only a few people who really explained MLM well in this industry. Thank you so much for making this website available for all. I will share this information with my team, and other people who still have no idea what MLM is all about.

Teddy Letsou

Thanks for the terrific article. A lot of people, including some in the industry, don’t understand that the business model of MLM is a simple one. Hard work and commitment are still needed to be successful as nothing in life is free. Great to see that you also allow those who don’t understands to express their opinion as well. Great article.

Terry Shelton

Tim, thanks for the article. I stayed away from the industry for many years due to the perception other networkers portrayed. I heard things from others but decided to educate myself on the industry. Once I met people that approached this industry like a business and with integrity like Tim Sales, I knew there was potential for me to change my families future. Thanks, Tim


Except if the Author who Succeeds is a 1 in a million winner with ulterior motives. I would argue it is better to get all advice and make up your own mind.


Dear Tim,
I have been in MLM for several years. I am totally convinced that this is my profession. Befoe MLM I spent many years of doing volunteer works in my community while my children were growing up. Although the work with helping people to succeed in MLM is just as honorable as the volunteer works that people praised me about, I still feel sometimes they look down at me. I am glad that I found your website. Your writing validates my feeling that what I do now for a living is just as good and wholesome. It gives me tools to counter people’s ignorance too. Thank you.


Tim, as usual you give excellent advice.
However, there are 2 very important exceptions to consider.

1. People who compile information from quality (proven successful) sources – because they are writers – may present this GOOD ADVICE more clearly and completely than the people who have proven themselves by success.
2. What works for one person generally doesn’t work well for someone else because of differences in personality, budget, environment, or time restraints. To be most beneficial, a person needs to design a personalized path with proven methods, which cannot possibly be presented by someone who has done them all.
Thank you Tim, for being a shining star to MLM.

Dave Thompson, Nashville, TN


Thanks for all the work you have done and continue to do. You might not accept this comment because I would like to make an observation about Shaun’s comment above. I believe he might be referring to you as the “1 in a million winner with ulterior motives.” He’s absolutely correct! YOU DO HAVE ULTERIOR MOTIVES AND THEY ARE ALL HONORABLE! And as far as getting advice from losers is concerned, I don’t have time for it! I don’t need to know 1,000 ways or reasons something won’t work! Why would I even want to consider a loser’s recipe for failure when I could get the recipe for success from a winner? That’s why I listen to you Tim Sales! You’re a winner! Keep it up!

Dave Thompson
Nashville, TN

Marsha Magoo

It’s true there’s different types of people to listen to- It just bothers me when the successful ones seem to be the ones preying on other’s admissions fees. But I guess you already know that 😉

Clement Wang

Very wonderful! My company has been using it like mad to educate our ppl…


Good, very good!

Jim Diaz Phils

Very well said, full of substance. Now my job as an MLM speaker/trainer is a whole lot easier with insights from these. Thanks a million.

Doug Pine

This analysis is fair and balanced and speaks to the issue of credibility of the source of the information, opinion, or position on the MLM industry. Well done!


Most comprehensive explaination about MLM I ever know since 12years in this Industry. Great job Tim, Keep it up


As someone completely new to MLM, obviously, I wanted to check it out. I googled the company I had recently joined and was very quickly put off any kind of network marketing by the unkind and yes untrue statements I found on quite a few sites by people who had previously been involved with the company in question. I approached my line manager and raised my concerns to her and she promptly navigated me to your site. I like to consider myself as an intelligent individual – focused and on my own personal mission to succeed in whatever I choose to do in life – so it stands to reason I need to get advice and knowledge about anything I try for the first time. YOU HAVE PUT MY MIND AT REST. THANKYOU!!!

Dave Buls

I don’t know what people have against MLM. It’s not a ponzi scheme if it’s a good product and organization. Besides, most people have almost no chance to make alot of money doing what they are doing. What’s wrong with building something and seeing it take off? If you don’t like MLM, then don’t do it. Most people have the intuition to quit something if it isn’t working. But, this great country of ours allows people to make mistakes, and recover from them as well. Imagine living in a country like North Korea…………

Yvonne J.

I love your website, and will link it to both of my business sites and blog. Your information is straight forward, no bull attached. And I’m from Texas–I know bull when I see it!-) Thanks for sharing your weatlh of knowledge concerning mlm.



Hello Tim. I enjoyed reading and listening to your wisdom. It appears sound. Thanks for the great insights. ~ Adam


Hi Tim it is so very true, Cheers


Wow, what an article! U’ve put it very well Tim. I know that MLM is a good way to build my dream, and I just need one good company that I can cooperate with. Just one that is GOOD.

Amajor Bright chukwuemeka

i am a Nigerian, and i enjoyed the job opportunity you provide for the whole word and i will grab my own opportunity (NOW) from the seminar which i have attended from today and i pray that God will give you more knowledge to do better than you have done.

God bless you


Dear Tim,

I have just been introduced to MLM and found your website. I was worried there for a while for most of the stuff I read elsewhere was really negative. The information on your site is definitely though provoking and encouraging.



Thanks for sharing your knowledge. wish your more success


I love your videos, although I dont play golf or know anything about golf. I do understand everything you were using as far as your illustration. Keep up the good work and you make total sense on all your videos. I would love to see more videos from you cause you have a good heard on your shoulders and you are a good speaker. Keep up the good work…



If someone who wins the lottery tells me his story, should I go buy lottery tickets?
My math teacher advises not to, but he wasn’t successful at lottery, so he doesn’t know what he’s talking about.
Just something to think about…

Johannes Mongatane

Tim, you are so right.

Many of us don’t read much about MLM and NM or even most important things like what is Pyramid Scam or Ponzi. We need to educate our fellow brothers and sisters as they seem everything is a SCAM when you proach them with business opportunities to help them build their future.

The worst part they come running when they see you making money.

Johannes Mongatane


great Advice.

Mohammed Tipu Sultan

Tim, thank you very much for your IMAGINATION power!!!
Mohammed Tipu Sultan, PSD,

Terry Shelton

Tim, great article. It is so important to understand who to take advice from. This one article is whey the majority of people will remain broke. The first thing most people do is search for SCAM on that SCAM dot com site and take the advice of people that don’t understand business.

Be careful who’s advice runs your life.


i am deeply interested in becoming a student .


Also iam verymuch impressed by the various testimonial. I THINK THEY CAN ALL HOLD WATER. THANK YOU. inadvance.

Phurba Singh Tamag

Thank u Tim,for ur wisdom base about mlm

download music

great, old post and actual still


I am student so I love it because I am a networker

Terry Shelton

This site should definitely be number one on the topic of all things network marketing. You have done a fantastic job of answering the critics and educated the masses.


I am a net worker also. This information was so helpful for me I so appreciate every bit of the information that you posted here. I am telling everyone I talk to about my business to do their research and have mentioned your site. Thank you so much for sharing this with everyone!!

Grace Chen

I am new in MLM and I like your articles. How to do be your member ?


Thanks for the videos Tim. I love network marketing. People are a part of leverage everytime they pay any type of insurance, loan etc…they just don’t realize it.


Hi Tim, I would like to order a comprehensive package of your teaching materials. How do I do this? I live in Ghana, west Africa.

Pls can these be shipped to me in Accra? How long will that take?

Tommy August

T.G.I.Tim Sales.
God Bless Tim Sales.

Mike Gadarowski

Tim, I think in a way you shot yourself in the foot by saying one should only take advice from one who as succeeded when you also put forth Dr. King as someone to listen to and he has been educated on the subject and to my knowledge has not ventured forth in the arena of Network Marketing himself. So, seems that there are two type of folks to take advice from. Be well, and loving your teaching. Have purchased Brilliant Compensation and also Brilliant Communicator and am thinking of purchasing Professional Advisor. Blessings and thanks again so much for your work and teaching. You’re an inspiration. Sincerely, Michael Gadarowski


Tim, I have been “playing around” with MLM for a greater number of years than I care to count. I have worked with a number of companies and made a bit of money and also lost some. I have of course heard of you but never, until now, looked into your background, experience and training. I suppose I am approaching the “twilight” years of my working life and I still have not succeeded with MLM – and I know why! I have never found the trainer that I truly can have a belief in; actually listened in detail to what they have to say and more important actually practised what they “preached.” Your video about Herbalife aroused my interest again because in my eyes, you spoke from the heart about MLM; you did not speak about this topic because it was the “thing” to do at the time. Thank you for restoring my belief in the credibility, possibility and potential for me in MLM. John


It is also possible that Zynga’s chosen advertising network is to blame if we consider the case of the New York Times’ website


Amazing blog!


Thanks for finally writing about > MLM – Multi Level Marketing Advice
| Network Marketing | First Class MLM < Loved it!

Awais Ahsan

This is Awais, I just want to say that i have learnt the true network marketing and MLM. Thanks to Leader TIM

saidu Samura

I will like to join dis business, I have already attend one of the presentation and I will put power to start dis business

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Hi there! This is my first visit to your blog! We are a team of volunteers and starting a new project in a community in the same niche. Your blog provided us useful information to work on. You have done a marvellous job!

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