What is First-Class MLM?

First-Class” means the first, highest, or best group in a system of classifications.

There are first-class accommodations on airplanes, hotels, trains, cruise ships, etc. There are first-class restaurants, first-class cars and first-class neighborhoods.

What creates “first-class” status is the attention to detail, the selection of quality ingredients, the training of staff and the respect given to the client or customer.

The restaurant industry is neither high-class nor low-class. Yet, in every high-class restaurant there is someone who determines the policies and the activities for the chef, waiters, and maitre d’ and sets the ambience to create a particular mood in the restaurant. All of these items establish its “first-class” status. A restaurant that is first-class has been created and maintained that way – by a person or people. A “low-class” restaurant is also created by NOT paying attention to these details.

First Class MLMThe MLM (Network Marketing) industry is neither high-class nor low-class. Yet individual people who do MLM can be either. This web site (“First-Class MLM”) is here to teach the principles of how to build your MLM business using First-Class methods.

I’ll be the first to admit that I have seen MLM (network marketing) done poorly and in a way that I personally wouldn’t do it. That doesn’t mean those MLM businesses didn’t make good money doing it that way – many have. But at what cost? A band of great elephant hunters may be effective at killing all the elephants in their area – but at what cost? Anything that damages the whole isn’t good. This goes back to my discussion on what makes an ethical business.

I’ve done MLM (Network Marketing) in a way that is very professional and very ethical; thus First-Class. If you study “First-Class MLM” closely I believe you will agree that there isn’t a more ethical business model on Earth.

A person who is doing First-Class MLM would follow these basic guidelines:

1. They would tell the truth

2. They would only represent a company that has products or services that honestly makes people’s lives better.

3. They would be genuinely interested in a prospect’s success with their product or service – not just in making a profit.

4. They would know the company’s product line and how it differs from similar products. This makes you valuable to consumers.

5. They would be able to get customers and have not less than 20.

6. They would know the MLM industry and be able to explain it simply and without hype.

7. They would know their MLM company and be able to explain it simply and without hype.

8. They would effectively train people they sponsored to sell the product/service. The true test of training is,“Can they do it after their training?”

9. They would effectively train people they sponsored to recruit other distributors.

10. They would ensure the people they sponsored could train their downline effectively.

11. They would not sponsor anyone unless they were willing to train them.

12. They would do what they promise.

13. They would only take part in activities that reflect well on the whole of the MLM industry.

14. They would make valuable suggestions to their company so the product line is the very best it can be.

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Tim Sales

About the Author

Tim Sales

Tim’s experience in building his own downline of 56,000 network marketers helped him develop his signature training series. A public relations ambassador for the network marketing industry, Tim has also dedicated his time to debunking the false information spread about the network marketing industry.

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If you wanted to clear past pre-conceived notions of MLM, this article was right on!

Many people heard of or participated in MLM before and left with a perception of the industry. This article clearly explains with comparable industries how someone can’t judge an entire industry simply because of one experience.

Thanks again. And please, keep writing 🙂

Doug Lee

The best article yet. I have copied the 14 guidelines so that I can adjust my goals. Thanks.
-Doug Lee

Patti Roney

I encourage everyone to read the 14 steps to running a First Class MLM business! Why would we want anything less than 1st Class? Trust is essential in this industry and these 14 steps will develop trust and respect for you and for MLM!

Robert Lefebvre

For me, the 14 steps can be called “Integrity”, this is what any businesses (Network Marketing/MLM or not) should be all about. I love it,


First Class MLM means this to me: If it’s not true, don’t say it. If it’s not right, don’t do it. Period!




Well, I agree with Tim Sales and his thoughts on this subject.

Jacob Camacho

I have personally been involved in 4 different MLM companies. Just like in any business there are pros and cons, you analize, you choose, you work and if you persevere you succeed. Excellent guidelines to abide by, thank you Tim.

Laurie Joseph

Great article! Very specific and informative and in fact this whole website is informative and supportive of a business model that has gotten a bad rapp. I definately agree with and do business by the 14 steps.

keep up the great work!

Kim Bolte

Tim, If we followed these basic guidelines we’d be able to be excited about the industry and our companies without hyping anything.
Thanks again,

Tambria Alexander

Excellent guidelines to assist people in choosing a “good” company.

Patty Jones, KY

This step plan to evaluate a First Class MLMer. I will be guarding my steps by these, as well as train my successlne. The successful people in this industry are setting themselves at such a high standard. If every person whether MLM or other wise, would follow similar guidelines for success, what a better world. Thanks again Tim for a wonderful article. You are Right-On!

Steve Stearns

If we want to feel good about ourselves and our industry these 14 guidelines will accomplish that. I do most of these very well and I admit to being marginal in a few of these steps. I commit to setting up goals that will lead me to be truly “First Class”. Great job Tim. Thank you,

Joe Kresser

Truly First Class. These 14 guidelines are now going to be my “Mission Statement” for my MLM business. For those of you that are treating your MLM as a business and not just a hobby, you should have a mission statement for your business to let people know what you stand for. I give every new recruite a copy of my “Mission Statement. Great work Tim and to your staff. Joe, Cincinnati, Ohio

Albert Watkins

This is truly First Class!

Carol Smith

Well stated. Being the best in MLM is great, because there is so little competition at the top. Ethics speaks volumes.

Rimon Nuhi

This is a truly “First Class Analysis”. I can guess that roughly 2%-5% of the network marketers out there are “First-Class”. This is can be “Code of Honor” of any MLM team.
Thank you Tim!

Dr Barry H

Tim,, I like that.

Donnie D.

When you know you are representing a honest and ethical company, your confidance shows to your client.

Tom Doiron


People love check lists. What a day it would be for our image as an industry if these items became the rule rather than the exception. Thanks, Tim

PJ Hollingsworth

Being part of a company that exhibits ethical practices is my top priority. I guess I am lucky because I don’t have any negative experiences with MLM and ethical practices(but plenty of negative experiences in the corporate world and in education). I have participated in one previous MLM (not the one I am doing now). I quit because I didn’t know how to recruit people. That is now my interest.

Retha from South Africa

Tim, thanks for the 14 points. I have printed it as my mission statement and is putting it up on my board to look at every day, because this is exactly what MLM is about.

Rosemary Leach

Thanks Tim what a great articles. The 14 steps are great. Your explanations are brilliant.

Valencia Burton

This is fantastic! What a great integrity guid! So we can all stand tall and proud of our field! A million thanks Tim!

Gavin Chapman

“Tell the truth…” absolutely numero uno. And if I don’t know the answer to a question, I will admit it and tell my prospect I’ll find out and get back. And for anyone with a good MLM company there is absolutely no need for hype. The unvarnished truth of how professional MLM really works and the rewards on offer already sounds too good to be true. Remembering that nothing in life is ever perfect – great MLM included. It just offers more rewarding opportunity for greater numbers of people than does conventional business. And the rewards in MLM are so much more than just the money, time freedom…

marilyn holm

The clarity of the logic in this article helps focus the truth about network marketing and any ethical questions about MLM that someone might have. It gives useful quide lines that let people decide for themselves.

George A

I consider this to be agreat article from various points of view. Mainly it points out that if you’re ethical you’ll always be respected and most of all people will respect you for that even when they don’t share your product or service. That said if you remain consistent, you’ll soon get throuhg the naysayers and arrive at the truth believers.



Thanks so much for all you do. I can’t thank you enough for your education, and what you do for our industry. Please never stop doing what you’re doing.


Thats great! It is exactly what needs to be told to everybody who is approached by a person from MLM industry.
After reading this it would open a new career for many people.

Rolf Hefti

Caring for others is what it all comes down to when doing MLM “first-class”. Which is a great motto for life in general.



Donald J. Leske II

Great post Tim. – I would probably add a 15th item: – “Follow up and Communication after the fact”, is so important to your team or downline even if they are doing well. It shows you care and are their friend. Although we train the trainers because we cannot do it all ourselves, we should have a simple plan in place to “drip” on or feed the minds of all those who we care about with a personal letter once in a while. It costs very little and can be the same basic message to all… email or regular mail. It means a lot to someone to get mail with their name on it delivered to them, from someone in a top position that they may wonder about…. like “do they care about me? Do they even know my name?” – Love and care is only proven if the person receiving it feels it is direct and sincere.

Just my 2 cents worth,

jackline from Mombasa

Thats Great Tim am glad am with the right company.

Sue Moulton

Thank you for carrying enough about the M.L.M industry to help explain the business concept so that others can make an educated decision about joining our industry.


I’m happy you are doing this to help us because MLM is the best way for brighter future

Lynette Molina

Wow! Awesome!
Thank You Tim!

Lito Ulat

It is the perfect guidelines for anyone who is involved in MLM business.

Juliet Liwag

I agree with Donald J. Leske II. That kind of bonding (communication)should be there always to motivate more and keep the fire kindled.
Thanks again Tim Sales.
Blessings unlimited!


Dear Tim,

Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!


Augustine Lim

Hi Tim

Thank you for being a blessing to all who engage in the mlm business. You efforts to make the MLM business professional is greatly & deeply appreciated.

Cheers to you and God bless you.


Lyubomira Vasileva

It is worth much! Thank you for this information.

A Sagar


You made me stuck on your website Mr. Sales. This is really wonderful experience going through your work. It is going to guide me in few ways. And I hope to see you sometime.

Have a Good Day.
– A Sagar (India, New Delhi)

Adrian Paul

Thank’s for your advices Tim, it’s a great guidelines for learn the MLM’s about. Thank’s again.


Thanks for this. I’m a newbie in MLM and this is a big help for me. keep up and Godbless! :]



aktaruzzaman anu

Thanks Tim
honesty is the best policy in MLM business.

Ivy Butler

This article sums up “why” I have chosen to accept your guidance for both industry awareness and business growth. Your articles and videos have cleared up my negative images, and I look forward to the prosperity, and abundance that this industry provides to all those that get involved. Thank you for your true professionalism!

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