To Those Who Are Anti-MLM (Multi Level Marketing), Dislike MLM, Or Even Hate MLM

November 1, 2013

I didn’t post this web site to fight you or to alter your view of the MLM (Multi Level Marketing) industry.

In some ways we are similar. I, too, see problems with MLM. But in one way we are different – I believe the MLM industry can be helped.

In situations such as these there are at least two options: help “it” or harm “it.”

Let’s pretend you have a child and find he’s using drugs. Do you help him or harm him? I suppose you would want to help him. That’s the way I feel about the MLM – Multi Level Marketing industry.

Personally, I believe there is only one fundamental problem in MLM – training (or lack therof).  The activities of the industry have slid away from real training. Today, the “standard training” is write a list of 200 people, call them, and tell them why you’re excited. This is not training, and it often doesn’t work.

If you go back to the earliest MLM activities, beginning in 1945, you will find that a distributor didn’t sponsor another distributor until that person proved they could get 25 customers. This activity ENCOURAGED people to train their distributors to sell products.

Since the 1980’s, several MLM companies have focused exclusively on getting new distributors, who get other new distributors, etc. This activity bypasses training a new distributor to get customers. Add to that a general lack of communication skills and “get-rich-quick” hype and you have an industry that in many ways merits criticism.

However, to me the good outweighs the bad. The above-mentioned flaws are correctable and are within my scope and ability to correct. If you analyze the stock market industry, the mortgage industry, the medical industry, the entertainment industry, etc., you will find that there is bad in all of them. But you will also find that there is good in each of them.

When MLM – Multi Level Marketing is done in a first-class way, it isn’t the same
industry you criticize.

Therefore it is my intention to help the MLM industry, as I’m quite fond of it.


Tim Sales

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Tim Sales

About the Author

Tim Sales

Tim’s experience in building his own downline of 56,000 network marketers helped him develop his signature training series. A public relations ambassador for the network marketing industry, Tim has also dedicated his time to debunking the false information spread about the network marketing industry.

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Bless your heart for this email and all the thought you have put into promoting the good side of MLM.

About the nay-sayers- who on earth would put a great deal of time and effort into degrading MLM? I mean seriously, who would have the inner impetus to do that? Somebody who’s been burned by one of the bad ones? How about somebody who has a lot to lose once the majority of us catch on to the incredible benefits of learning to be successful at building our MLM organizations? Picture it… half the population of the US working for themselves as leaders of their own MLM organization/business. Who loses in that scenario? If you owned a multi-million dollar corporation and couldn’t find workers to carry it out, how would you feel about MLM? Who would want to work for low wages helping somebody else build THEIR business when people all around them were becoming financially independent by developing their own MLM organization.

The “good” companies bend over backwards to uphold standards of fairness and high integrity. And it works. They grow ever stronger and make it possible for distributors to flourish. The more “bad” companies that are found out and leave the field, the better it is for all of us. I appreciate this website for helping to promote the understanding and integrity that will give more people a chance to benefit from the good that can come to those who align themselves with good companies.

Robert L.

Thanks for this article Tim, I have been involved in the IT (conventional not MLM) industry for 25 years. Looking back, the IT industry had the same problem 25 years ago, lack of standards, lack of processes, lack of good training which lead to lack of…credibility. Since then, the IT industry has changed a lot and is still improving because their were people who believed it was important to keep it moving in the right direction. The same applies with the Network Marketing or MLM industry. It came from a long way and is still improving. If you look for the right company and are willing to put the effort and learn how to do it in a professional manner, it will bring you the benefits. The “get rich quick” publicity that we see on Internet and ads is hurting the industry, it is sad.


I agree, MLM is good. One of the issues is that new people feel like the leaders are making a ton of money on the sales of the training materials. It makes it tough on people starting out because it is easy to run into negative and if not “in-your-face negative” they may run into just a lot of people that don’t want to look or try. It is discouraging and when they are dropping $100+ a month on training its easy for them to start feeling as if they are being taken advantage of when they watch all the videos of all the great expensive things the leaders have. Granted, the leaders make money on the distributor side…but its hard for a new person to get over that $100 a month they could be putting in 401k match that they are spending on CDs, voicemail, webtools, etc. Then the kicker, a couple hundred for a ticket to a function with 5,000 people and they run the numbers in their head and it comes out to $1,000,000 in ticket fees alone …but we have to tell them its all to help them.
In the old days the ‘training materials’ side was less of an issue because the “25 customer” focus was to focus people on getting profit and not buying the start-up kit and membership to all the training.
MLM can be great again…but we need to focus less on the training “tools”. After all, its all about the new person’s perspective and not the old timers. “you can have what we have” but in the meantime a good deal of their wealth comes from tools but many of these leaders didn’t have the high tool prices to pay and therefore the new people they started in the beginning didn’t have this concern and therefore these old time leaders could get people started because the focus was on the distributor side. A new person can really get to feel like its just a bait and switch…and really a person that has been around and sponsored a bunch of people can begin to feel like that too because they have never seen a dime of profit from all the tools sales from those new people they worked to bring in.

David W Johnson

I’m a diehard believer in Multi-Level Marketing but have to disagree with Mr. Sales’ assessment that training is the fundamental problem.

I believe the fundamental problem with MLM is companies that distance themselves from what they are. The nay sayers have bashed the industry for so long that MLM is analogous to a live power line. Touch it and you die.

MLM is in need of a major public relations make-over and it needs to come from the companies themselves. Instead of running away from what they are, they need to join together and embrace the founding philosophy of MLM.

If distributors are fumbling around trying to figure it out, creating discontent as they go, it’s partially due to the company’s failure to edify MLM as a real business and thus train their distributors how to market as a real business.

MLM could claim favor with the public if companies would simply admit, “We’re MLM, and we’re proud!” Until then, MLM will continue to be seen negatively by the public and regulators eager to protect.

Training from the likes of Tim Sales and distributors who embrace professionalism will eventually get MLM to a more favorable position, but many years and countless failures could be avoided if MLM companies would band together and lead the charge.

Patti Roney

I love your article, this website and MLM! I am so thankful for this industry, so thankful for what it has given my family, and so in love with the entire process! I hope every person looking at this industry will go thoroughly through this website and also become a lover of FIRST CLASS MLM!!!

Chris Vaisnoras

Tim, you’ve done it again! Amazing website and I am sharing this with everyone. I just had someone this morning that left me a message so far off base and I sent them to this site to get straightened out. Awesome!


Finally, the truth…! The real truth about MLM, and the classes of professionalism in this amazing industry.So the first class could finally distinguish itself from the rest.

After his amazing movie, with this website Tim has established himself as the top leader role, the best of the best.


Marius Ystenes

Great article, Tim!

Melchor Hernandez

Great. My first contact with mlm was 16 years ago, signed up with a mayor wellness company but quit because I wanted to continue my career at sea. I recognize that mlm did not worked for me at that time because of me, only me, I kept an eye on the market since then and I have seen many friends to succeed on that company, I used the products for 16 years (never visited a doctor) since then, only to say “hello” I never had a proper training, I believed on that time that reading success stories or assisting to meetings I would learn how to do this bussines, I signed up again last year to start my retirement plan for the next 5 years, I spend most of my first year searching the web, gurus, techniques, on how to do it, I found few people that actually teach what they did, and I selected 2 “teachers”. I believe that the old way is the best for me, and more professional, to learn the skills to get loyal customers, at least 20 and after start sponsoring distribuitors and teach them how to build a strong customer base, and then how to build a strong net of serious people doing the same, might be slowly but I think that if people is making money and growing slowly but steadily, the attrition will be reduced. I have got professional inviter and comunicator , the pocket tracker, and most of your materials, also kim klaver book for customers. all these materials were the most professionals I found (for me) on the net and found them more like me, a shy person, but ready to learn new skills, so in few words, I tried and failed (because of me) and lack of training, now Iam trying again, with proper training, I do not care what people say about mlm, I know that it works, and will work for me,no matter what… thanks. God bless you all.


This piece of work would really help a lot of beginners.You are such a great networker.With the amount of information and help youve made in creating this site and all for free makes you stand above the rest out there. May your tribe increase.

God Bless You.


I have to agree both with Tim Sales’ position on training or lack thereof and also David W Johnson’s remark about companies distancing themselves from what they really are.
This industry has so much to offer but good, honest, hard working distributors are quitting because they’re not able to produce results despite doing everything that is recommended. When high quality, relevant training becomes the norm, network marketing will become a force to be reckoned with.

Joe Kresser

Tim, I love your stand on training. I was reading the comments and how some think that tools are being over sold. I personally agree that all tool are not needed. Just as all meetings are not needed. But as an individule, as an owner of your own business, You need to determine what tools you need to use. Just because someone is making money off of tools don’t make them bad. People need to be trained to get into a business mind set. Many have never owned a business before. Learn to analize what your being told. Make your sales, build your income, reinvest your profits back into your business. If certain tools help you expand your mind faster or grow your business faster then, as a business owner, make a decission. In my MLM there are hundreds of tools available and I’m thankful them. But I’m not going to run out and get on an “Auto Ship” because my upline says thats what I need to do “make it”. I am so glad that this site exist so that opinions can be voiced and new people can learn. Thank You Tim Joe K


Great Article! However, I believe the most significant problem with MLM/NWM is the mindset of distributors. I’m very honored to be apart of a “profession” that adds so much value to peoples lives. I put the word Profession in quotes because most distributors dont think what they do as ,Networker Marketers, is as valuable as a lawyer, doctor, or CPA. My sponsor told me that it if I wanted to make a 6 or 7 figure income, I would have to become a professional. She said it would take me at least 2 to 5 years to reach that level of competence. I think we do our profession a great deal of damage by not representing ourselves as professionals and not informing people of the requirements to succeed as Networkers. This is an profession that will continue to grow, expand, and evolve.

Steve Stearns

I totally agree that training is the key to massive success. I also agree with David Johnson that MLM companies have been a bit timid about telling the world who they are – Isn’t that how MLM became known as Network Marketing. They are both the same term and we just need to focus on being proud believers in the industry. So I really don’t believe there’s a real difference in opinion between you two. Just maybe the chicken or the egg thing. Being proud of our industry can begin to happen when we commit to serious training that uplifts those involved. Thanks for creating this free space to tell the story.

Jennifer Valencia

Well, I like the fact that you didn’t “join them” by being like them & just telling them how MLM is so good. I love it so far! But I do know that like all industries, there are faults. I know many that think I’m crazy for being involved in “one of those scams.” But they’ll figure out soon enough that there is no scam here, but an availability to have financial/time freedom that can’t be achieved through a normal j.o.b. Thanks, Tim, for being professional about a more sensitive subject in MLM. 🙂

John Littler

Congratulations and well done Tim. Thank you for the effort that you contribute to the industry. I have been involved for 14 years in one of the world wide MLM companies and have seen all the types of people that give the industry a negative image come and go and jump from this one to that one making all the most amazing claims. I was faced with a decision 14 years ago when I first started in the company, stay and be one of the professionals and give it all I have got to help change the image of the industry, or leave. I must admit it was the results I received from the products that determined my decision, that is why I am still here today. It is so important for professional standards and business ethics to be the foundation of our business. And no business will survive without customers and in our line of business, your best distributors come from your customer base, because they are loyal and in love with the products. If everyone just made a commitment to be the best distributor they can and use what ever tools they can get to continuously improve their skills, abilities and attitude so the world will want to know why they are so positive and different, we can change the image of the industry. My background as a psychologist allowed me to see from day one that as long as companies hide behind the curiosity method of marketing their opportunity, they are creating the very distrust that they state as the reason to justify the method. Let’s all be proud of who we are associated with and come out wearing it on our sleeve. Branding will do more for the company and the industry than curiosity ever will. From an Australian, down under!


The problem I find with MLM, is that some leaders or companies have you believe that the only way you can a make a significant income is if you go to all the meetings, national conferences, do the three ways, attend weekly Saturday morning trainings, Monday night calls, and sign up at the highest profit level by spending few hundred or thousand dollars. Many new people spend way too much time getting motivated and spend a lot of money without seeing result fast enough and so they quit. An average person with a full time job, a family to take care is stretched to their limits. This also gives MLM a bad name. It also seems that the people who are making the big bucks are not sharing all the strategies they themselves are using to get their customers and sign up distributors. Sometimes they’ll even take your customers right under your feet. Networking should not be so complicated. A simple plan with fast results is what’s needed to improve the MLM industry. The Brilliant Compensation DVD has been very helpful and this website is great too. Tim, I do like your plan of getting 20 customers plus 5 leaders to do the same. Keep up this awesome leadership role. I appreciate it. You keep me going. Thank you.


Training is indeed the necessary foundation for anyone starting in an MLM business. Training is essential in fact for anyone going into any business. Fortunately, the MLM that we found stresses training and it has paid off. Unfortunately, not everyone who joins a MLM company sees, or wants to see that coming to “dread” meetings for trainings is essential. They will not succeed.

Kon Hofstetter, Sydney

Thank you, Tim, for putting the finger right on it. At the heart of MLM is product. MLM is just a smarter way of not only distributing but also educating the consumers in the best way of using the products and getting the results THEY are looking for.


I agree with Kamille. Most people who join the industry are unable to sustain the marketing costs of running their business long enough to see a profit that will keep them motivated enough to continue using the product and to be able share it with others. It appears one should be prepared
with sufficient funds to invest in an mlm business for at least six months to one year, or be very budget conscious until the business is profitable.


Having an open mind to hear the TRUTH about both sides is key to resolving the conflict od understanding and deciding what is really worthy of your actions. Tim Sales speaks about MLM like no one else I have ever heard of. The facts are clearly stated and the truth shines once again.

Tom Doiron

MLM at its core is faultless. It offers the motivated person a real chance at leverage and reoccurring income. May new recruits are riddled with fears that they recognize as barriers to their success. I see them desperate for answers to break through those self imposed limitations so they grab at ‘training’ like a hungry person for food. Unfortunately, many of those ‘trainings’ are toxic, but the unwitting newbie can not discern. It would be a perfect world if every MLM company were distributor friendly. The veteran’s know better. When I tapped into the quality of training material that you and your associate, Kim Klaver, make available; my faith in this business was rekindled. So it’s not just training, because there is plenty around that still produces the high failure rate. It is training and trainers, like you Sir, that can turn the whole thing around and put it on the high road.

Thanks for all that you do, Tim, and for doing it with such passion.

Kelly S.

Training and support is inherent in every business and this is no different. If your postal worker got no training and was put to work, imagine the chaos! My advice to those looking at MLM, take the time to choose a great company, product and then take the time to do the training. The rewards will be large!

Brett Bernstein

Training. The most important step to a strong foundation. Whether it be within one distributor’s organization or the industry as a whole. Couldn’t agree more.

Larry Wood, Ind.

Tim, so far everything i”ve seen from your efforts has not only been good & helpful, but also exemplifies your integrity & desire to help the industry. If I may take amoment, I would like to share a personal struggle and tie it in with your efforts & goals for this site. I currently represent two separate network marketing companies. Both have excellent products & services to offer as well as good potential. It is amazing how the two differ in their approach to training. One fits into my personality and how I believe businness should be conducted, right up front with what you represent and able to be proud of the quality, integrety, & reputation. The other company preaches endlessly about controlling the conversation, not answering questions direct, pushing third party testimonials [wether be with personal phone calls or recorded messages] on & on. Having been in multiple businesses in my general community area over the years, If I were to start treating people, that I know could benefit from this program, in such a way as to not answer their questions or be avasive & stalling, my credability would be in the basement. However, I have found that by trying to do things my way has not been successful simply due to the images of the industry of MLM. Once they get close to that picture they want to run instead of learn, in spite of my reputation & past experiences with them. I believe it was John Littler in a previous comment that said we shpuld all be proud of who we are & what we do and come out wearing it on our sleeve. That all recognition would be good would be a blessing. IN the meantime I guess I will continue searching for the right answer for me in my situation for the program offered can’t be beat in value for either personal savings or income potential. Sometimes wish I could have it all printed on a shirt &wera it everywhere.

Thanks Tim. Respectfully,


rajeev sreenivasan

Thank you dear Mr.Tim sales for giving us this wonderful and very very useful article, it is really helping me and people who are doing the MLM very seriously,thank you very much and i thank you for everybody who share their ideas and opinions which too helped a lot. I love this industry more than anything as i has changed my lifer from a 100% negative person to a 110% positive person, thanks to my upline (sponsor) who showed me this opportunity and changed my life, i love you all…….God bless you Tim.

Valencia Burton

Tim, my hat goes off to you for taking responsibility for this industry and not sugarcoating it. “FirstClassMLM” and your videos have given us the tools to take responsibility too!
Thank you for all that you do Tim! Please keep it coming!

Gavin Chapman

I can imagine that those who are against MLM could fall into a number of categories besides being misinformed or having had an unfortunately negative association with the industry. How about those with a competing interest such as the financial services industry? MLM can provide a great retirement plan. How about the media? Direct sales, of which MLM is a very powerful variant, avoids the expense of advertising which is the lifeblood of the media industry. To name just two.

Jacob Camacho

We are all humans and therefore not perfect. MLM is a valid industry and subject to all risks, any one invested in Enron? You must realize that in MLM you only get what you put in. Degrading our industry with your mouth does not make it any better or worse (it only makes you a critic); it is us the distributors who do that with our activity or lack of. Thank you Tim for being a pillar of our industry.

Eddie O. - Germany

Toller Beitrag Tim,

wir brauchen mehr solcher Beiträge! Es gibt viel zu wenig Sachlicher Beiträge in Deutscher Sprache, ich hoffe dies ändert sich bald.

Greetings from Germany

Shirley K., California

Your articles are definitely FirstClass! for me.


Very importent page. For new people who look on the MLM


Very importent page. For the new ones who look at the industry, I would like this discussion will be deeper and with more details

Patty Jones

I can only add, ‘Ditto”. It is my honor to be in the company of so many intellignet mlmers. Together we will change the mind set of others.
God Bless you Tim

Amaru Yupanqui

My deepest gratitud for your caring and smart work, Tim. I have never seen anyone who has explained this wonderful industry as you do.

You will always live within the hearts of us who have learned so much from you.

Thank you again,

Amaru Yupanqui


This is a good start to what could be a great article. It was not convincing though. My husband, who is not a believer if MLM and thinks they are all pyramid-schemes felt all this did was tell him what he already believed (MLMs are flawed) but did not do much to show him that MLMs have a lot more to offer or even why all MLMs are not bad. I am new to the biz and would have appreciated more of that type of info myself as well even though I do think MLMs can be ligitimate.

Leo Rasberry

Thank you tim for all of your insight, your information for me has been a God sent, until I read your materials on the hows and whys about mlm I was totally in the dark. I’ve been trying to do this business for 25 years without success now I feel that I have a chance God bless.


WOW. nothing to really add to what has already been said, just that i am so glad that i found this site. In a sea of naysayers and people who long ago gave up on their dreams, it is nice to know that im not alone, because i am PROUD of what i do, and so should everyone who has chosen to place their freedom above fear and job security. STAY STRONG AND KEEP CHASING!!!
cheers all

Juliet Liwag

Tim Sales! Just curious. is that your real name? very appropriate but more than that, thank you so much for these exhaustive explanations and teachings on MLM.this is such a great help for those who are fond of this industry.When are swinging back to Dubai?


I really appreciate what you are doing for MLM and how you are improving the perception of the industry with websites like this and your monthly newsletter. You are truly a leader in your field. Thanks for all your help.

Karen Harris

Tim, I’m sorry to have to agree with Deann’s note (above). Your unique way of seeing things and explaining them seems so phenomenal to ME. But many people who have had a bad experience with MLM, or have heard about bad experiences of others, won’t change their opinion until there are enough of us out there working with the kind of integrity and caring that you teach. The nay-sayers may agree with your point about training being the problem, but…
until the majority of network marketers ARE like you, AND THE MAJORITY OF NEW DISTRIBUTORS SUCCEED, the general perception of MLM will not change.

Let’s get to work, folks!

My site will be referring a lot of people your way, Tim.

Karen Harris


When I first started in MLM, my sponsor hit on me in the kitchen while his wife went to powder her nose. His brother, my sponsor’s sponsor, of course, backed him up. Knowing this was not the fault of the MLM, and having already spent a lot to get going, but not being able to keep facing this guy I couldn’t get away from, I quit – as did my downline. Too bad.
I joined again a dozen years later. My sponsors lived too far away to be of any help to me, and the upline was too busy with their own people to give me any of their time or energy. Frustrated, I quit – as did my downline. More money down the drain. Too bad.
However, and I thank God above for this, I am not stupid. I am now joined with a company that has character, integrity, ethics, a #1 great product where I have lost over 140 pounds (and kept it off) and have gotten my health back, and a great sponsor with wonderful and helpful upline that isn’t bleeding me dry and honestly wants me to succeed. Yea.
I’ve dragged all that out to say this: I could be anti-MLM, and very bitter, but my belief in MLM, on a scale of 1-10 is a 15. MLM is not the problem. People are the problem. I was my own problem. We see the greatness of what could be, and close our eyes and jump in – not counting the cost. People (and I am a people) are often times like sheep, being led by whatever we are told without always engaging the brain. MLM should be duplicatable, tools bought only if needed to further the business at hand, meetings attended if they help with prospects, motivation, or whatever the case. MLM is a terrific business, and needs to be seen as such, as stated by others above. If you’re going to do it, go for it – like any other thing you engage in where you want to succeed. A business takes time to build. 2+2=4 – everything has a formula. The formula for my MLM was: find one that has a great product everyone needs over and over, find one that is affordable to your household and bankbook, find one that is comfortable to your values (all this is hinted in all the above peoples comments), and find one that you can stick with until you succeed within your newfound niche. Then, the only ones who lose out are the ones who quit. Learn as you go and stick with it. Success is around the corner. After that, it’s basically just the questions of learning that particular system, going through numbers (prospects), and your belief system. Hopefully, you’ve chosen one that has good people to support you.
God bless you and yours, Tim, this is an incredible website to be able to refer folks to. Thank you.


Forgive me if I’m repeating comments made by others – I haven’t read every comment in full. However, my point is that, in MLM, our upline are our managers – the ones who, initially at least, guide our activities and shape our fortunes in the busines. Even though these people rely on our succss for their incomes, nd so want us to succeed,a nd they wantto be good managers, MLM, just like every other industry, has its share of both good and bad managers, so there will be a mix of people who, between them, have good and bad experiences with MLM. This, though, does not make MLM flawed. I have been in my regular, full-time profession for over 17 years and havecome across some very good and very bad managers. Even though I wanted to be the best I could at every situation I was put into, there are those, I’m sure, who thought me a very good manager and others who thought me very bad, because nobody is good at everything, and equally nobody is bad at everything.

I’m relatively new to network marketing, and have only recently began fully to realise the potential it offers to replace a ‘traditional’ income, earned by time committed to an employer. As with everything I’ve tried in the past, I’m sure there will be those elements at which I’ll prove highly adept, and other parts at which I will suck! However, I’m determined to improve in every aspect and, just a in my previous career, it is this focus and improvement which will ultimately determine my success or failure in this venture, not any inherent virtues or flaws within the MLM model.


wow 🙂
its very reasonable article.
Good post.
realy good post

thx 🙂

Simon Koh

Once again Tim I am excited about the gospel truth about MLM. Here in Asia MLM is spreading fast and there are two schools of thought – good and bad. I was once under the latter category.
Today I can understand your passion about the beauty of MLM. Educating the misinformed public is the biggest challenge and I have decided to make it my life pursuit whatever the cost.
Tim, the journey of a thousand miles begin with the first step, and for me my first step is to educate anyone anywhere about the history and future of MLM, thanks to your website as a valuable mentorship resource.
I hope one day I can meet you personally to express my heartfelt gratitute.
Thanks Tim and God Bless…


I always have loved MLM’s main problem is alot of people have a bone or 2 to pick with MLM’s. People understand MLMs purpose but the problem is you get too many people that go untrained and uninformed about their business and that kills it for them.

Traci Walters

Wow….bobbid’s post was awesome.

Thanks for the great site!


Yeah, I am a new Network Marketer in Viet Nam! It changed my life although my income now is just some dollars. I mean this job not only bring me money.

Thanks Tim, always beside You!

Viola Scott

Thank you for the wonderful insights. It really helped me a lot especially since I in the MLM industry as well and I realized many things from your articles. Thank you Tim?!

Looking forward to reading more of your articles!


Rich information to those who don’t understand our business. From the Philippines,Mabuhay!

Colin S

While I love what Tim does and what he is doing for the MLM industry I have to say I don’t quite agree with the idea the industry is flawed because it has lost the training to getting new customers. From my perspective I want ALL my customers to be ale to purchase at wholesale not retail. Also, if they love the products and tell others I would prefer they receive a bonus, not just me. The only way to do this is to encourage them to become an associate. If they choose to be a customer then that’s their choice, but not giving them that option from the onset is to me, unfair.
The real problem is the motives behind why the individual builds a business and thus how they approach the business building activities.
In simple terms, the best thing about MLM is anyone can get in. The worst thing about MLM is anyone can get in.

Omotosho Oladapo

Nice one tim. I celebrate you and all distributors like me worldwide, we are the future. Up MLM


I do trust all the ideas you have presented in your post.
They’re very convincing and can certainly work.
Thank you for the post.

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