Diagram of Sidelines

October 17, 2013

A sideline (sometimes called cross line) is a person who is in the same MLM company but is not connected structurally. Sidelines do not profit from one another’s product sells.

Sidelines that are in the same geographical location may work together as they are “on the same team.” Team meaning, they are in the same company promoting the same products.


Another diagram of sidelines


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Pat Bergstedt


I love your simple ways to explain things. Especially when you include diagrams such as this. My comunication skills are not as developed as yours, hence I refer people to your teachings quite often……

Pat Bergstedt


dear friend,this is good easy to learn & come up hurdles pls send further details


The power of pictures
This is the best part of the training, diagrams. A picture is worth more than a thousand words. Add to it that even people who can’t read or write can understand.
You should call this method: “MLM for dummies”
Thanks again, Tim

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