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1. We moderate comments, but we don’t censor comments.
The difference is, if you want to disagree – we will not censor your disagreement. The primary reason we moderate comments is to keep this site professional and ensure people are not promoting their company or products via their “comments.”

2. Disagreements must be well researched and offer a solution
Disagreeing comments must be supported and well presented in a professional manner. Valuable disagreeing comments would offer engaging thoughts and a solution. If you want to say, “people at the top make all the money.” Also offer an industry that pays the people at the bottom all the money.

3. No promotion of company or products
This website is used by MLM distributors and MLM corporations to educated people about MLM. Logically this site does not allow any recruiting or prospecting. Therefore we will delete any comment that promotes an MLM company or product by name or implication. This also means we do not allow comments with your email address or your website.

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