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What is First-Class MLM?

First-Class” means the first, highest, or best group in a system of classifications. There are first-class accommodations on airplanes, hotels, trains, cruise ships, etc. There are first-class restaurants, first-class cars and first-class neighborhoods. What creates “first-class” status is the attention to detail, the selection of quality ingredients, the training of staff and the respect given […]

Why Look at MLM?

People join MLM companies for many different reasons. Here’s a partial list: Join MLM as a social activity MLM is a great place to meet people and have fun. There are business meetings, training meetings, cruises, cookouts and fireside chats where you can meet lots of new friends. Conversation topics are normally business and personal-growth […]

Do Most People Fail in MLM?

Some make the claim, “Most people fail at MLM (Network Marketing).” Who would make this statement? My guess is people trying to justify why they failed or never started. If you looked at the statistics of how many people succeed compared to how many “fail,” you could draw the conclusion that most fail. Factually, the statement […]

The History of MLM

How MLM (Network Marketing) got started and grew to meet the needs of the customer and the entrepreneur. It’s fascinating 🙂 A company that creates a product must make that product widely known. Sales organizations made up of individual salespeople were (and still are) the backbone of business. The number of salespeople in the United […]