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Diagram of Upline

October 17, 2013

Your upline is the person who recruited you into an MLM company. The person who recruited them is also your upline. The below diagram shows that you can have many people “up the line” from you.These people are known as your “upline.” Back to glossary

Diagram of Sidelines

October 17, 2013

A sideline (sometimes called cross line) is a person who is in the same MLM company but is not connected structurally. Sidelines do not profit from one another’s product sells. Sidelines that are in the same geographical location may work together as they are “on the same team.” Team meaning, they are in the same […]

Diagram of Downline

October 17, 2013

A downline is a person you recruit to join your MLM company. Your downline also includes all distributors that any of your downline recruit. The above diagram shows the lady in orange has recruited three people to sell products. The lady in green has recruited two people to sell products. Thus the lady in orange […]