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How MLM Works

These five steps illustrate how MLM companies work when done in a first-class way. A sales representative (a “distributor” for an MLM company) first becomes effective at selling a product (skin care, nutrition, etc.) or a service (legal services, Internet services, etc.) to a consumer. How many customers a distributor should get will depend on […]

What is First-Class MLM?

First-Class” means the first, highest, or best group in a system of classifications. There are first-class accommodations on airplanes, hotels, trains, cruise ships, etc. There are first-class restaurants, first-class cars and first-class neighborhoods. What creates “first-class” status is the attention to detail, the selection of quality ingredients, the training of staff and the respect given […]

How to Evaluate MLM Companies

When Trying to decide between MLM companies, make sure you choose a good one! In order to evaluate an MLM company properly, there are things that must be understood. “The expense can be high for an improper evaluation.” If you don’t join the right company, you could miss out on millions of dollars of income; […]

The History of MLM

How MLM (Network Marketing) got started and grew to meet the needs of the customer and the entrepreneur. It’s fascinating 🙂 A company that creates a product must make that product widely known. Sales organizations made up of individual salespeople were (and still are) the backbone of business. The number of salespeople in the United […]

MLM Glossary

November 28, 2013

The MLM glossary below defines commonly used MLM words. The definitions are in layman’s terms to bring about an understanding of the subject of MLM. These definitions are not to be misconstrued as legal definitions. Anti-MLM 1. Those who are against MLM. If you are against MLM, please read this. Compensation Plan 1. Money received […]