Who is Tim Sales? Why Is This Web Site Here?

A Quick Background:

I grew up in a small town in Tennessee. Joined the military right out of high school where I served with an elite team known as EOD (Explosive Ordnance Disposal), which is the U.S. Navy’s underwater bomb squad.

After 9 years in the military I wanted to do more financially with my life, but my options were few. I had no business education or experience as my mom was a beautician and my dad worked for a small construction company.

Sometimes it’s shocking to look back and see THE pivotal shift in one’s life. Mine happened onboard a Navy ship. The Navy allowed a professor to come onboard the ship and hold college courses so that military personnel could continue their education while out at sea. I took a Personal Finance course to learn the very basics of savings and retirement accounts.

One phrase the instructor said (in passing) was, “To make a lot of money you have to either own it or sell it.” Meaning, you can make great money if you own a company or if you sell products for a company. Well, being a business owner was out of reach for me at the time.

When I finally got shore duty (living on land instead of on a ship) I wanted to see if I could get a part-time job in sales. At the same time I was buying my first house, highly recommended on the Personal Finance course.

I checked the Sales & Marketing advertisements in the “Washington Post”. One of those ads was for my MLM company.

I worked my business for the first two years part-time until I could get out of the Navy and build my business full time. By my 5th year I had a business that did over 25 million dollars in sales annually spread throughout 13 countries. I still have ┬árecurring income from that business today, although, it’s now in 30+ countries.

The seed the Professor planted (either own it or sell it) had come true.

The way the elite military forces train a person how to do something is very different than most are familiar with. It’s extremely detailed and YOU HAVE TO PROVE YOU CAN DO IT before you will be assigned the position.

When I started In MLM, I would go to “training” meetings and was rather surprised at the lack of real training. So, one of the first things I did was institute real training within my business.

The reason this web site is here is because:

1. The MLM industry is greatly misunderstood. I want it to be understood by all. People know there are slimy hotels, they also know there are Ritz Carlton hotels; it’s the same with MLM. I’d like to be responsible for people realizing that MLM can be built in a first-class way – and choosing to do so.

2. The MLM industry has one main fault in my opinion – there’s little real training. I want the MLM industry to be known for superlative training.

Please read this unsolicited message sent to me to get a glimpse of my desire:

Dear Tim

I want to thank you and let you know that your teachings in the Brilliant Compensation series have given me a lot of help and insights in training sales and sales leaders. I have been in the life insurance industry since 1978, with flying color results in Hong Kong. I had been in the role of Training Director for a large international company AIG /AIA looking after the learning needs of 10,000 people every year in the last 5 years. And we are known by many in the industry as the company that provides the ‘best’ training. However few will know where and whom do we learn from.

Your teachings are really hitting the problems on the head, especially when you address the greetings, promotion and communication part of direct selling. I have been following your teachings for now over 7 or 8 years now. It WORKS !!

Best regards

Stephen Tsai

AIG is not an MLM company but my training is being used there because it works. Why does it work? Because the foundation is based on the most basic rule of all of business – make someone’s life better. The reason my training is unique is because it is very detailed and contains exact communication techniques. From how to speak to a prospect with respect to how to service them. What to say to them and how to say it.

3. The final reason this site is here is because if you could spend a month with me and see the eyes and feel the hearts of the people wanting help, getting that help and then showing their appreciation – then you’d know why this site is here and why I will NEVER STOP HELPING THE MLM INDUSTRY.

I would love to try and show you what I mean…

By the way, none of these people are in my “downline.” These are simply people I’ve helped around the world.

I have written small tidbits below the images; when you see the phrase “hands on training” it means that people are actually practicing what they will be doing to build their business instead of watching a speaker on the stage.

Hands on MLM training in Mumbai, India

Group photo after training, while in Mumbai, India

MLM training being translated into multiple languages in Utah

An MLM training with a small group in Mumbai, India. I surprised them by taking their picture!

Group photo of MLM leaders from Sweden. Five day training blitz while onboard a cruise ship.

People asking questions after the training…hoping I’ll give them “the MLM secret.” The secret is…make people’s life better.

Talking with MLM leaders during a break in Utah

Training meeting in Singapore

Retired MLM legend and friend Frank Keefer along with his wonderful wife Gingie are genuine first class MLM builders. He honestly cares about every customer and every distributor as if they’re his own children. Truly an honor to be this man’s friend.

Photo of a group of leaders from Russia.

Wonderful Russian lady acknowledging the “Be Interested in people” aspect of my MLM training.

Group of MLM leaders from Greenbay, Wisconsin enjoying dinner after a full day.

Explaining the next set of hands on MLM training in Golden, Colorado.

Role playing in front of room so group knows how the hands on training should go!

Hands on training at it’s best.

Working with a leader in Chicago.

I do the speaking to 10,000 people thing… but I much prefer this…

Holding someone’s feet to the fire until they CAN DO IT.

Distributors doing the “don’t be too assertive” exercise in Costa Rica

Teaching MLM at the University of Illinois.

Training on how to use the Internet to build MLM – no different, it always comes back to making people’s life better.

Working with two great MLM leaders from the Phillipines.

Training people in the United Arab Emirates.

The ultimate MLM victory for me – when I have trained the trainer and to see her get off the stage and really help people by getting everyone DOING IT instead of watching and listening to her.

And… when you have trained the trainers – and they are effective – you can live First Class.

I hope while taking this little journey through what I do, you can now see why I do it. I love helping people – more than anything else in the world, that’s what I love.

My “other” time is spent with family and charity organizations. My benevolent efforts are towards cleaning up and protecting our food chain (soil, air and marine) and helping people understand the damaging side effects of drugs (prescription and illegal drugs).

I sincerely hope this site helps you. If there’s a way you feel I could make it better – please tell me.

With respect and admiration,

Tim Sales