What is MLM?

MLM is an acronym for Multi-Level Marketing, sometimes called Network Marketing. As the name suggests, multiple levels of people are marketing a product to consumers. A sales representative (also referred to as a distributor, member, affiliate, partner or associate) gets customers and recruits and trains another sales rep to get customers. Sales rep gets customers […]

How MLM Works

These five steps illustrate how MLM companies work when done in a first-class way. A sales representative (a “distributor” for an MLM company) first becomes effective at selling a product (skin care, nutrition, etc.) or a service (legal services, Internet services, etc.) to a consumer. How many customers a distributor should get will depend on […]

What is First-Class MLM?

First-Class” means the first, highest, or best group in a system of classifications. There are first-class accommodations on airplanes, hotels, trains, cruise ships, etc. There are first-class restaurants, first-class cars and first-class neighborhoods. What creates “first-class” status is the attention to detail, the selection of quality ingredients, the training of staff and the respect given […]

Why Look at MLM?

People join MLM companies for many different reasons. Here’s a partial list: Join MLM as a social activity MLM is a great place to meet people and have fun. There are business meetings, training meetings, cruises, cookouts and fireside chats where you can meet lots of new friends. Conversation topics are normally business and personal-growth […]

How to Evaluate MLM Companies

When Trying to decide between MLM companies, make sure you choose a good one! In order to evaluate an MLM company properly, there are things that must be understood. “The expense can be high for an improper evaluation.” If you don’t join the right company, you could miss out on millions of dollars of income; […]

Pyramid Schemes and Scams…

What are they and  what do they have to do with MLM? To be able to determine whether MLM (or a specific MLM company) is or is not a pyramid, scam, Ponzi scheme, or chain letter, you will need to understand each of them. Only then can you differentiate between them. When my son was young […]

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