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Retired MLM millionaire
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Video - MLM: Who's Lying?


When Researching Network Marketing, Who Should You Take Advice From?

There are three types of people you can take advice from. Make sure you pick the right one.

What is MLM, anyway?

In very simple terms - and without hype - you will understand what MLM is and how it works.

How does Multi-Level Marketing work?

How does the commission structure work? What activities would I be doing?

Is MLM legal? Says who?

Is MLM even legal? If so, who has the authority to claim it's legal? Is MLM ethical and professional?

What is First Class MLM?

Multi-Level Marketing can be done professionally and unprofessionally. First Class MLM is very professional.

Why look at MLM?

Comparing the alternatives to MLM - MLM is looking pretty good!

How do I evaluate an MLM company?

So you've decided MLM is a good business, now - how to evaluate whether a company is a good one or not.

What is a Trillion?

Let's really put this into perspective

Is MLM a pyramid or scam?

What do pyramids and scams have to do with MLM?

Isn't MLM a pyramid because of its shape?

Multi-level marketing's structure is shaped like a pyramid - does that mean it is?

Video - MLM: Who's Getting Rich - Who's Not


Are people at the top of an MLM company making all the money?

Do people who get in first (and at the top) of an MLM company make all (or most of) the money?

Video - MLM: Do Most People Fail?


Do most people fail in MLM?

Are the odds good or bad that someone can make it in MLM?

Do all those levels of commission add to the price of the product?

If you choose to build an MLM business, what are your odds of MLM success? Is MLM hard to do?

Does an MLM business collapse?

Can an MLM business collapse because there are no more new people to join?

Is MLM a Ponzi Scheme?

What does a Ponzi Scheme have to do with MLM?

Is MLM a chain letter?

Does MLM have anything to do with a chain letter?

MLM history

How did MLM begin? What are its roots?

Pyramid history

Now that you know how MLM got started, how did pyramids start?

Wholesale Buying Organizations versus Retail Selling Organizations

There is a HUGE difference between these two organizations - don't mix them up.


People who dislike MLM, read this.

MLM Statistics

Visual evidence of the growth of the direct selling industry.

MLM glossary

So many terms - finally an MLM glossary!